Welcome to Mount St. Joseph

Welcome to Mount St. Joseph Welcome to Mount St. Joseph Welcome to Mount St. Joseph


The Daughters of Saint Mary of Providence

Father Louis Guanella, ordained a priest on May 26, 1866. He founded the Daughters of Saint Mary of Providence in 1881 in Pianello Lario, Italy on Lake Como. In collaboration of mind and heart, with Mother Marcellina Bosatta and Sister Clare Bosatta, the congregation and mission began to grow.

The Sisters supported Father Guanella’s works as he founded numerous houses for the poor, the abandoned and the unwanted in Italy and parts of Switzerland. 

On May 3, 1913 six Daughters of St. Mary of Providence boarded a ship to the United States at the request of Pope Pius X, a longtime friend and confidant of Father Guanella. The Sisters began the works of the Congregation in Chicago where the Sisters ministered to the Italian immigrants and their families. In Chicago, they built a residential home and school with the focus of caring for the mentally and physically challenged. 


The Mount Saint Joseph Campus

In 1935 The Sisters saw the need to establish another facility for the older and more physically disabled residents.  In 1935, by acquiring 80 acres of farmland on Route 12 in Lake Zurich, IL, three Sisters and six disabled women moved from their facility in Chicago to take up residence in a farmhouse on the property. From these humble beginnings, Mount St. Joseph has grown to include 160 acres with a residential facility that is equipped to serve up to 129 women and a Day Program that serves more than 50 male and female adults.  Today the campus consists of six distinct and recently renovated residences, a large chapel, administrative offices, conference rooms, offices for medical services and professional staff, as well as specifically designed areas for dietary services, laundry, and maintenance.  

The Daughters of Saint Mary of Providence continue to make Saint Guanella's vision of care a reality.



Catholicism is the foundation for the care and service provided at Mount St. Joseph. The Sisters, staff, and volunteers at Mount St. Joseph respect and support the residents and their family’s right to participate in the faith of any religious denomination.  All residents, staff, and volunteers are welcome to participate in the Roman Catholic religious services offered at Mount St. Joseph. Mass is celebrated on Sundays, and the Sisters pray the Rosary in the chapel with the residents three to four times per week.  During the liturgical year, the residents participate in a variety of religious celebrations including Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, May Crowing, Feast Days, and Holy Days. If desired, residents and day students are offered religious education appropriate to their level of understanding.  Over the years, religious education has resulted in many being able to receive the Sacraments: Baptism, Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation. Often these were celebrated during the Easter Vigil at Mount St. Joseph. The Sisters have dedicated their lives to give preferential love to persons less favored with the gift of intelligence, physical health, in need of religious formation, and those deprived of human support. Because of this dedication, Spirituality is at the heart of all we do at Mount St. Joseph.  

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