Welcome to Mount St. Joseph

Welcome to Mount St. Joseph

Welcome to Mount St. JosephWelcome to Mount St. JosephWelcome to Mount St. Joseph


Residential Support



Mount St. Joseph currently has six residential areas, called cottages. Each cottage is the home for16-32 women. The larger cottages are divided into smaller areas to encourage intimate and homelike environments. Each cottage houses women who are similar in cognitive and physical abilities.  The cottages are equipped with kitchens, dining rooms, day rooms, and laundry rooms. Housemothers/House Managers are responsible for the overall operation of the cottages and supervise the Direct Service Professionals (DSP), who provide 24 hour support. The DSP’s assist each resident in their daily living skills and encourage them to achieve independence at their fullest potential. 

Medical Services



Mount St. Joseph is an intermediate care facility.  Most residents have multiple medical needs in addition to their developmental disabilities.  A dedicated nursing staff is on duty 24 hours a day/seven days a week. The Medical Director visits the facility weekly and is on call 24 hours a day for any emergencies.   In addition, dental, podiatry, vision, speech, physical/occupational therapies, and psychiatric services are provided regularly, on-site, and in compliance with IDPH.  A medical services driver accompanies residents to many outside providers for medical appointments and procedures. 

Qualified Intellectual Disability Professionals



Qualified Intellectual Disability Professionals (QIDP) provide the supportive foundations necessary for the psycho-social development of each resident.  QIDPs coordinate the interdisciplinary team process for each resident’s program, services, assessment, program planning, development, implementation, and regular review of progress, and overall plan of care. QIDPs strives to promote community integration, while maximizing safety, learning, and independence. At Mount St. Joseph, the QIDP serves as an advocate for each person on their caseload, encouraging them to reach their full potential. 

Behavioral Support Services



Each resident receives individual psychiatric and psychological services according to their needs.  Individuals admitted to Mount St. Joseph are assisted in coping with adjustments inherent in a new home/group living situation.  They are monitored and guided while facing various changes in their family life/family structure.  Staff is attentive to subtle changes that may occur throughout each resident’s life span.  At any time, a resident might benefit from a formal behavioral intervention program and or counseling sessions.  The Interdisciplinary Team regularly reviews each resident’s personal care plan to determine if and when these treatment modalities are appropriate.  Everyone works together to meet residents' psycho-social needs.

Social Services



Mount St. Joseph provides Social Services as part of the Interdisciplinary approach to maximize the social functioning of each resident and safeguarding resident rights. They foster the human dignity and personal worth of each resident while individualizing and understanding the needs of the resident and her family. Our Social Services department prepares the resident for the changes in her living situation upon admission and continues to help the family to develop meaningful ways to support the resident in the changes in family structure and functioning. 

Recreational Services



Mount St. Joseph‘s Activity Director provides an ongoing program of activities to meet the interests and preferences of each resident. These activities make use of both community and facility resources, while fostering social bonds and friendships. Many of our residents participate in Special Olympics Bowling and Track and Field Events. This encourages physical activity, team-work, and a sense of personal achievement. Recreational activities improve the lives of our ladies by allowing them to socialize, spend time in the community, and enjoy the richness of life.   

Music Therapy



Music Therapy is an important and frequent part of life at Mount St.  Joseph. The residents enjoy monthly Sing-a-longs, presented by a Music Therapist. The women play instruments, clap, and dance to familiar tunes which improves their physical and emotional health. Additionally, many of our residents participate in Hand Bells and Chime Choir and perform at Sunday Mass, in addition to holding concerts in the local community. 

MSJ Developmental Training



The Mount St. Joseph Developmental (Day) Training Program provides individualized care for men and women with developmental disabilities from the residential program and the local community.  It is licensed by the Department of Human Services (DHS).  

Daily schedules of therapeutic, educational and recreational activities are offered based on the preferences and needs of the individuals.  Music recreation, language and communication, basic academic skills, arts and crafts, gross/fine motor activities, personal living skills, relaxation, sensory stimulation and aquatics are some of the therapeutic skills available. 

Off Campus Workshop Programs



The majority of our residents participate in workshop programs Monday through Friday at off campus sites.  These workshops offer vocational and pre-vocational opportunities, which include sorting, assembling, packing, labeling, mailing and collating.  These tasks help increase fine motor skills, attention to detail, following directions, all while allowing some of residents to earn a paycheck. Residents also benefit from an increase in self-esteem and a sense of pride associated with a job well done. Some of our women attend off campus programs to participate in educational and recreational activities that are individualized to meet their needs and increase their social and emotional well-being.